Flow Measurement – Metering Skid

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-10-07-09-amA metering skid is a fully mounted unit on which several assemblies can be installed. With Custody Transfer being the primary use of such a skid, we are proud to announce that our Energy Division is capable of customizing our metering skids to suit your Custody Transfer needs for both liquids and gas.


Our experienced engineering team takes the time sit discuss exact requirements with each customer in order to design the ideal skid. These discussions will include all controllable and non-controllable variables in order to determine appropriate materials and construction methods.


  • 2 x 100% Filter Separators with Indirect Water Bath Heaters
  • Interconnecting piping
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical components
  • PLC-based control panels for unattended operation
  • Compact and well-engineered layout to facilitate easy access to valves


Major Components

  • Multiple Meters/Meter Runs
  • Flow Computers
  • Quality measurement: Fluid Energy Contents
  • Master Meter Calibrations
  • Supporting Automation & Communication Systems
  • Filteration & Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Pressure Regulation & Flow Control
  • Sampling Systems


  • Metering Skids are designed to optimize operation and maintenance costs
  • Ultrasonic / Coriolis Flow meters are used to meet the highest accuracy in flow measurement
  • The location of the skid can be user defined
  • Temperature and pressure are constantly monitored using instruments for best accuracy
  • Operations are controlled by an automated or manual Central Control Unit
  • Removal of solids and liquid drops is facilitated using a Cartridge Filter Skid located at the stream inlet
  • An end-to-end process connection is installed within the basic frame structure
  • Provisions are included for suitable grouting at the site

Our metering skids meet international requirements such as ISO, and we are also certified for certain national metrology standards such as GOST-R in Russia and GOST-K in Kazakhstan.