Founder’s Day Celebrations

At Bliss Anand, every employee is part of our family. Each November, our 300+ team from across the world takes part in our Founder’s Day celebration, to honor those who established this great company and to celebrate how far we have come.

As part of the celebration, we hold a small ceremony, a tribute to our founder Mr. Prem Anand, who worked hard to make sure the company got to where we are today. Today, his 3 sons run the company, each heading up a different global division ensuring that the family values and traditions remain a strong part of our identity as the company grows.

An annual cricket tournament also takes place on the day, bringing together teamwork and our competitive spirit, which are mirrored in the work we do.

This is just one event, amongst many, that is reflective of our company and culture. If you choose Bliss Anand as your manufacturer, you too will be a part of the Bliss family, and we will do everything we can to go the extra mile for your success.