Sight Flow Indicator

Bliss Anand’s Sight Flow Indicators provide an effective way to view your process liquid or solid, at virtually any pressure, flow rate or temperature. Amongst our more standard products, these reliable, sturdy instruments allow you to visually check for any malfunctions or contaminations in your pipelines.


With various design options available for both screwed and flanged constructions, and a variety of metals available for construction, we’re able to give you standard products off the shelf in 2-4 weeks, and custom products in 4-6 weeks.


Flapper Type

Flapper Models indicate flow within a pipeline by the position of a vane or flapper in the center of the viewing window. These are recommended for applications involving transparent or slightly opaque liquids. Flapper models are bi-directional and designed for both horizontal and upward vertical flow applications. When it is not necessary to view the flow motion, the same basic indicator is supplied without a flapper component.

Rotary Type

Rotary Models indicate flow by the spinning of a rotor, and are suitable for any flow direction. These are primarily used in applications involving dark solutions, because the rotor motion is easily seen even from a distance. These can also be used for applications with transparent solutions or gases. Rotors are constructed with materials that withstand a variety of fluids, and should be used if the flow rate needs to be detected.

Drip Tube Type

Drip tube models are used for vertical, downward flow applications in distillation or similar systems involving very low or intermittent flow. One of the biggest advantages of the drip model is that there is no obstruction to the downward flow. These models can also be supplied without drip tubes for flow in any direction.

The models mentioned above are available as both screwed and flanged double-window indicators, and the material of construction can be customized based on product requirements.

*Sight flow indicators for sampling systems have a special construction. Please contact factory for the technical write-up or more details.

*Please contact factory for other types and models.

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