Bliss News: Execution of Statoil Peregrino Project

Bliss Americas is pleased to inform that we have successfully completed the execution of the prestigious Statoil Peregrino II WHP-C project. This project was executed through Wood Plc. / Kiewit Offshore Services Ltd.

Bliss Americas provided the following product line:

  1. Magnetic Level gauges
  2. Magnetostrictive Transmitters
  3. Guided Wave Radar Transmitters and
  4. Instrument Chambers for the Guided Wave Radar Transmitters

While executing the project, Bliss Americas ensured that all the Statutory and Regulatory requirements were met according to the customer needs. Bliss ensured that all the regulations were adhered to according to the Brazilian Statutory requirements as well, by providing products with INMETRO, IECEx, SIL 2 Certification.

Life Cycle Information was provided to the customer in the form of Manufacturer Record Book, both in English and Portuguese languages. This was also to ensure that the Brazilian guidelines were complied.

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Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

Bliss Anand takes pride in providing a 360-solution for your level monitoring needs. With our BAMR liquid level transmitter, you are able to keep constant track of your process fluid levels without a direct line of sight, from within a control room.


The Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter provides analog communication for Magnetic Level Gauge applications. You can externally mount it without interrupting the monitoring process that is already being conducted by your Magnetic Level Gauge, and the sensing elements and electronics can be removed without disturbing the operation process either.


We want you to make it easy for you to use the BAMR transmitter, so we provide a variety of mounting options and pipe styles. If required, your transmitter can also come equipped with an on-board display and keypad for local indication and programming.

With FM and CSA approvals for US and Canadian requirements, our Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters can be used on your projects for a secondary method of liquid level monitoring.

Download our Magnetostrictive Transmitter Catalogue to learn more about the product here: magnetostrictive_transmitter

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