Transparent Glass Level Gauge

We know that sometimes you just need that visible confirmation that your fluids are at the right level, that your interface (where you can different the color of the fluid) is where it should be and that your operation is running smoothly. For a quick, efficient overview of your liquids, we present Bliss Anand America’s Transparent Glass Level Gauges.

The Transparent Gauge has two clear, glass panels, with the process fluid contained in the middle. The fluid level is visible through the glass; making it easy to check fluid properties, for example, color. These gauges can also be fitted with backlit illuminators to improve visibility.

Bliss Anand America provides these instruments in different models:

  • Series L – Series L Large Chamber Gauges are designed to give an accurate liquid level reading of liquids that have a tendency to surge or boil,  or are used for cryogenic applications
  • Series M – A general purpose gauge for mid-range pressure temperature applications
  • Series H – A heavy duty gauge for safe, dependable service

The tables below outline the pressure temperature ratings for each Series.

Series L

Series L.jpg

Series M

Series M.jpg

Series H



Transparent Glass Level Gauges are used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:



  • Observation of liquid-liquid interface
  • Dark or thick liquids
  • High temperature & medium pressure, where shielding of glass is required
  • Observation of liquid color



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