Surge Relief Systems

A Surge Relief System is designed to alleviate pressure in a pipeline that could cause damage to your skid components, equipment or employees if it remains unchecked. The pressure is caused when the velocity of your fluid changes quickly or suddenly, due to unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency shut down, having a pump trip, etc.


Having a surge relief system in place allows you to quickly relieve the pressure before it takes a toll.

  • A valve that is fast-acting with high capacity needs to be installed
  • This valve needs to be able to open very quickly to relieve surge pressure
  • It needs to close quickly once the surge pressure has been mitigated and should not leak your precious fluid


Typical Applications

  • Liquid Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Product Loading/Unloading Terminals
  • Storage Tanks

At Bliss Anand America, we have your safety and the efficiency of your project in mind, so we can design and execute a Surge Relief System to work with any type of process medium. We also keep in mind that you may need the liquids loaded back into your pipelines, so all relief loads are taken into atmospheric tanks, with the option of reloading them through pump transfer, if necessary.

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