Pig Launcher and Scrapper Receiver.


Bliss Energy Division inspected Scrapper Launcher and Scrapper Receiver 20″ Minor Barrel /24″ Major Barrel.

Project NG Branch Pipeline Khor Mor to Bazian PowerPlant.




Pig Launchers & Receivers

With Pig Launchers & Receivers now in our portfolio, Bliss Anand America is ready to provide am engineered solution to pipeline pigging. Install this product on each end of your pipeline to launch a “pig” that will inspect and clean. Also known as a “Scraper”, the pig scrapes the inside of the pipe to allow the fluids to run through unobstructed.

Our system is provided with quick opening end closures and includes pig signalers and pressure safety valves. These are all suitable for installation on pipelines, and as with all our products, are designed to the relevant API & ASME certifications.


Most pigs are spherical or bullet shaped, so that they can freely span the length of the pipeline. Depending on the requirement (maintenance, cleaning, etc.) launchers/receivers are made out of a variety of materials, most typically stainless steel or carbon steel. They can also be coated with corrosion-resistant materials if the process fluid in the pipeline is corrosive.

Launchers & Receivers, for the most part, are bidirectional, so that pigs can be launched at one end, received at the other, and then sent back. Depending on the needs of the pipeline, they can be horizontal or vertical, and are depressurized before inserting or removing the pigs.

Main applications:screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-3-56-46-pm

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Separation (when two products need to flow through the same pipeline, the pig is used to separate & flush or clean the line)
  • Monitoring


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