Indirect Water Bath Heater

An indirect water bath heater is used primarily in the oil & gas industry, to heat process fluids or gases evenly. The temperature of the medium is raised by placing it in a utility bath, rather than heating it directly. This ensures that the medium warms at an even pace and avoids hotspots.


Though the bath fluid is usually water, we are able to customize it depending on your project requirements, using oil to heat fluids to a high temperature, or a combination of water and glycol to lower the freezing point of your process medium in low temperatures.

Bliss Anand’s Indirect Water Bath Heaters can be used across a variety of applications and platforms such as:

Heating fuel gas at a power generation plant, compressor station or wellhead.

The gas is heated evenly using an Indirect Water Bath Heater, before the pressure is reduced. Heating the gas a high pressure keeps ice crystals and hydrates from forming in the lines when pressure is reduced for combustion. Ice and hydrates can cause damage to gas-fired turbines and other equipment.


Heating crude oil at offshore platforms and refineries.
The crude oil is heated to reduce viscosity, so that it can be easily pumped.



  • Designed in full compliance with API 12K specifications.
  • Natural Draft Burners, directly mounted on Fire Tube &Forced Draft Burners.
  • Precise temperature control
  • Removable Single- or Twin Fire-Tube design
  • Removable Heating Coil for ease of maintenance
  • Burners System complete with Pilot, Main Burner, Gas Train, Spark Igniter with Transformer
  • Flame Arrestors at Burners Air Intake and Stack Top
  • Heating capacity upto 5 Million K.Cal/Hr