Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks

Hydrocarbon storage tanks are used to store untreated and unrefined crude oil or refined products / other process fluids before they are shipped to other locations. The tanks are specifically designed to prevent leaks of hazardous liquids and vapors that may be contained within these tanks.


At Bliss Anand, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that you have options to customize your tanks based on your specific needs. We can manufacture Floating Roofs and Geodesic Domes to fit on your tanks.


Floating Roofs

Our floating roofs offer lightweight protection for your tanks to prevent evaporation of your process fluids. These high-strength, corrosion-resistant roofs save millions of dollars in product loss and environmental damage.

Floating Roofs, as their name implies, float on the liquid surface of your process medium, preventing the evaporation of your product. They also protect your fluids against external contamination.



  • Prevents 99% of pollutants from entering the atmosphere
  • Saves large quantum of product per year
  • Promotes safety
  • No maintenance once covered by domes



Geodesic Domes:

Bliss Anand’s Geodesic Domes are created to replace existing roofs, or to convert uncovered, floating-roof tanks to covered tanks. These Geodesic Domes are built from aluminum for a long service life and low maintenance costs. They provide protection from elements and reduce contamination.



  • Lightweight
  • Can be installed without taking the tank out of service
  • No more pipe drain or hose issues, no wind losses




Features of Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks:

  • Design, engineering, procurement and fabrication of above the ground steel storage tanks with complete in-house design facility for floating, cone & dome roof tanks as per API 650.
  • Supply includes tank protection systems like fire protection, rim seal fire protection and cathodic protection systems
  • Procurement & supply of tank accessories like flame arrestors, side entry mixers, radar gauges, level instruments, heating coils & other instruments as per customer requirement
  • Technical support & assistance provided by trained personnel during erection & commissioning


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