Dynamic Corrosion Monitoring System

On any project, flow turbulence causes vibrations within your pipelines, potentially leading to leakage. Undetected, these leaks could reduce the quality and/or quantity of the fluids, or cause issues in your plant’s operations due to an under- or over-feed of the process chemicals.

Did you know?

  • According to recent studies, corrosion causes an annual loss of about $300 billion (about 4% of the gross domestic product) in the U.S.
  • The annual cost for the pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors is about $2.5 billion

At Bliss Anand America, we know it’s essential to constantly be aware of the status of your projects. The productivity and success of your plant could depend on knowing when and where a problem occurs, and knowing the best way to fix it. That’s where we step in with our Dynamic Corrosion Monitoring Skid.


  • Works by installing coupons in a glass-line pipe barrel
  • A branch line from the main line takes process fluids into the loop
  • Coupons are subjected to the same environment as the main line, maintaining integrity
  • Fluids can be injected back into the main line with no disturbance
  • Monitor real-time corrosion online


  • Ensures continued monitoring of process fluids
  • Reduces risk of chemical over- or under-feed
  • Improves plant operation quality
  • More cost effective
  • Less manual labor required
  • Ease of documentation due to online system



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