Cost Saving Solutions

At Bliss Anand America, we like to provide innovative solutions at affordable prices. With international codes and certifications under our belt, we provide top-quality products with significant cost savings across all our lines.

Our Instrumentation Division includes:

  • Magnetic Level Gauges
  • Sight Glasses
  • Radar Transmitters
  • Sight Flow Indicators
  • Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters
  • Diaphragm Seals – Standard and Specialty


Our Mechanical Division includes:

  • Upstream Packages
  • Midstream Packages
  • Downstream Packages
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Process-Based Modules
  • Engineered Modules


For more information, please download our cost-saving summary sheet here:

Bliss Anand America Cost Saving Solutions


Gas Lift Systems

It’s important to us that our customers get the best possible results with every project they execute. And we know that helping you achieve that is one way to keep you coming back to us! As part of our promise to help you maximize production, we bring you Gas Lift Systems as part of our Energy Equipment Division.

Gas lift systems are used to reduce the density of fluids in tubing, in order to extract more oil from a well. They use an artificial lift technique that adds vaporous bubbles to the fluid, in order to reduce the hydrostatic pressure in the outlet tube compared to the pressure on the inlet side of the tube.


In petroleum, gas is injected through the outlet tube into the fluid in order to aerate it, reducing the density and increasing the formation pressure. The increased pressure is able to lift oil column and move the fluid out of the wellbore. The gas can be injected intermittently or continuously, depending on the characteristics of the well.



Major components:

  • Manual Valves – Body: ASTM A694 F60, Trims 13% Cr steel, API 6A, up to 10,000 psi
  • Ball Valves – Trunnion mounted ball, gear-operated, flanged as per API 6A, side entry, bore to match API 6A, anti-static, anti-blowout stem, fire safe design
  • Check Valves
  • Actuated Valves
  • Angle Choke Valves
  • Pipes/ Tubes – Seamless, API5l X60, OD and thickness to suit API 6A Flanges
  • Flanges – ASTM A694 F60, 10000 psi (69Mpa), API 6A
  • Fittings – Seamless Equal or Reducing Tees and Elbows ASTM A694 F60/ A860 WPHY 60, design pressure 10,000 psi, bore and thickness to suit API6A


Pig Launchers & Receivers

With Pig Launchers & Receivers now in our portfolio, Bliss Anand America is ready to provide am engineered solution to pipeline pigging. Install this product on each end of your pipeline to launch a “pig” that will inspect and clean. Also known as a “Scraper”, the pig scrapes the inside of the pipe to allow the fluids to run through unobstructed.

Our system is provided with quick opening end closures and includes pig signalers and pressure safety valves. These are all suitable for installation on pipelines, and as with all our products, are designed to the relevant API & ASME certifications.


Most pigs are spherical or bullet shaped, so that they can freely span the length of the pipeline. Depending on the requirement (maintenance, cleaning, etc.) launchers/receivers are made out of a variety of materials, most typically stainless steel or carbon steel. They can also be coated with corrosion-resistant materials if the process fluid in the pipeline is corrosive.

Launchers & Receivers, for the most part, are bidirectional, so that pigs can be launched at one end, received at the other, and then sent back. Depending on the needs of the pipeline, they can be horizontal or vertical, and are depressurized before inserting or removing the pigs.

Main applications:screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-3-56-46-pm

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Separation (when two products need to flow through the same pipeline, the pig is used to separate & flush or clean the line)
  • Monitoring


Do you need a quick and easy solution to allow your process liquid to flow freely through your pipelines? Call us at 281.479.2547 to get a quote!



Surge Relief Systems

A Surge Relief System is designed to alleviate pressure in a pipeline that could cause damage to your skid components, equipment or employees if it remains unchecked. The pressure is caused when the velocity of your fluid changes quickly or suddenly, due to unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency shut down, having a pump trip, etc.


Having a surge relief system in place allows you to quickly relieve the pressure before it takes a toll.

  • A valve that is fast-acting with high capacity needs to be installed
  • This valve needs to be able to open very quickly to relieve surge pressure
  • It needs to close quickly once the surge pressure has been mitigated and should not leak your precious fluid


Typical Applications

  • Liquid Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • Product Loading/Unloading Terminals
  • Storage Tanks

At Bliss Anand America, we have your safety and the efficiency of your project in mind, so we can design and execute a Surge Relief System to work with any type of process medium. We also keep in mind that you may need the liquids loaded back into your pipelines, so all relief loads are taken into atmospheric tanks, with the option of reloading them through pump transfer, if necessary.

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Filtration & Separation – Separator

Separation is a process used in the field to remove well stream liquid(s) from gas components. It takes place at Gas Plants, Transmission Stations, Gas Inlets to Chemical & Petrochemical Plants, Gas Gathering Systems or Fuel Gas Turbines.


A Separator is the vessel that is used in the separation process. Separators come in two types – 2- and 3-phrase.


A 2-phase separator removes the total liquid from gas. It can be horizontal or vertical. The liquid (oil emulsion) leaves the vessel at the bottom through a level-control or dump valve. Gas leaves the vessel at the top, passing through a mist extractor to remove the small, remaining, liquid droplets in the gas.

A 3-phase separator separates well fluids into water, gas and oil. The 3-phase separator facilitates and improves phase separation with complete instrumentation that provides accurate & relevant data.


Main Components:

  • Inlet Deflector
  • Vane Pack
  • Coalascer
  • Wave Breaker
  • Adjustable Weir Plates
  • Mist Extractor


Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks

Hydrocarbon storage tanks are used to store untreated and unrefined crude oil or refined products / other process fluids before they are shipped to other locations. The tanks are specifically designed to prevent leaks of hazardous liquids and vapors that may be contained within these tanks.


At Bliss Anand, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that you have options to customize your tanks based on your specific needs. We can manufacture Floating Roofs and Geodesic Domes to fit on your tanks.


Floating Roofs

Our floating roofs offer lightweight protection for your tanks to prevent evaporation of your process fluids. These high-strength, corrosion-resistant roofs save millions of dollars in product loss and environmental damage.

Floating Roofs, as their name implies, float on the liquid surface of your process medium, preventing the evaporation of your product. They also protect your fluids against external contamination.



  • Prevents 99% of pollutants from entering the atmosphere
  • Saves large quantum of product per year
  • Promotes safety
  • No maintenance once covered by domes



Geodesic Domes:

Bliss Anand’s Geodesic Domes are created to replace existing roofs, or to convert uncovered, floating-roof tanks to covered tanks. These Geodesic Domes are built from aluminum for a long service life and low maintenance costs. They provide protection from elements and reduce contamination.



  • Lightweight
  • Can be installed without taking the tank out of service
  • No more pipe drain or hose issues, no wind losses




Features of Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks:

  • Design, engineering, procurement and fabrication of above the ground steel storage tanks with complete in-house design facility for floating, cone & dome roof tanks as per API 650.
  • Supply includes tank protection systems like fire protection, rim seal fire protection and cathodic protection systems
  • Procurement & supply of tank accessories like flame arrestors, side entry mixers, radar gauges, level instruments, heating coils & other instruments as per customer requirement
  • Technical support & assistance provided by trained personnel during erection & commissioning


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Indirect Water Bath Heater

An indirect water bath heater is used primarily in the oil & gas industry, to heat process fluids or gases evenly. The temperature of the medium is raised by placing it in a utility bath, rather than heating it directly. This ensures that the medium warms at an even pace and avoids hotspots.


Though the bath fluid is usually water, we are able to customize it depending on your project requirements, using oil to heat fluids to a high temperature, or a combination of water and glycol to lower the freezing point of your process medium in low temperatures.

Bliss Anand’s Indirect Water Bath Heaters can be used across a variety of applications and platforms such as:

Heating fuel gas at a power generation plant, compressor station or wellhead.

The gas is heated evenly using an Indirect Water Bath Heater, before the pressure is reduced. Heating the gas a high pressure keeps ice crystals and hydrates from forming in the lines when pressure is reduced for combustion. Ice and hydrates can cause damage to gas-fired turbines and other equipment.


Heating crude oil at offshore platforms and refineries.
The crude oil is heated to reduce viscosity, so that it can be easily pumped.



  • Designed in full compliance with API 12K specifications.
  • Natural Draft Burners, directly mounted on Fire Tube &Forced Draft Burners.
  • Precise temperature control
  • Removable Single- or Twin Fire-Tube design
  • Removable Heating Coil for ease of maintenance
  • Burners System complete with Pilot, Main Burner, Gas Train, Spark Igniter with Transformer
  • Flame Arrestors at Burners Air Intake and Stack Top
  • Heating capacity upto 5 Million K.Cal/Hr