Bliss Anand Machinery

We’re proud of our employees and will guarantee that all their work is of the highest quality, but we know you can’t just take our word for it. That’s why, at Bliss Anand America, we employ the use of over 10 machines used daily to test each product to your satisfaction. From Helium Leak Testing to PMI Testing, we do most of our procedures in-house, saving you time and money when you’re eager to get your project off the ground.

Below is a list of our machinery. Don’t hesitate to call us at 281.479.2547 with any testing requests!

  • Ventil Machine – We use Ventil Machines for testing and adjusting the set pressure, seat tightness and general performance with Gas or Liquid test systems, at a range of 0 – 15,000 PSI.


  • Helium Leak Testing Machine – Bliss Anand America uses Helium Leak Testing to locate and measure potential leaks in a product or system.


  • PMI Testing – We have in-house Positive Material Identification to determine the quality and chemical composition of the raw materials we use.
  • CMM Testing – A Coordinate Measuring Machine is used to measure physical geometrical characteristics of an object. It ensures the quality of all the dimensions.
  • Crane – The crane is primarily used during production and assembly of skids in our Energy Equipment Division.
  • Filling Station – Our facility includes a filling station that has the capability of filling up to 10,000 seals per year.


  • Orbital Welding Machine – Bliss Anand America’s Orbital Welding Machine allows for more accurate and consistent welding.
  • Compressor & Calibration Lab – Using a compressor to pressurize the calibration lab, we’re able to calibrate transmitters. Maximum pressure: 2320 psi.


  • CNC Turning Center – Our Computer Numerical Control machines reduce the diameter of our pipes to a particular diameter, producing a smooth finish.
  • VMC Machine – Bliss Anand’s VMC Machines are used to cut metal to precise dimensions for all our products.
  • Packing Machine – Bliss Anand America uses Speedypacker Insight® to package our products.