Bliss Anand America Certifications

Bliss Anand America is proud to uphold the highest standard in not only our products, but also our manufacturing process. With various US, Canadian and international certifications in hand, we can supply level, pressure and flow instrumentation globally, as well as mechanical skids for the up-, mid- and downstream industries.


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Below is a partial list of our current certifications. We are constantly adding more to our repertoire to make sure we are prepared for any requirements on your project site:

  1. ASME S & U Stamp – our manufacturing facility, based in La Porte, TX, received the ASME S & U stamps shortly after we opened shop.
  2. ASME B31.3 – All our welders are certified to ASME B31.3 standards. Weld joints on our products are full-bore, full-penetration welds, making for stronger, longer lasting joints.
  3. ASME PP, UM & R – we have obtained the ASME PP, UM and R certifications for our mechanical division.
  4. ISO 9001 – We have the ABS Quality Evaluation Certificate of Conformance for Quality Management Systems.
  5. ISO 14001 – As a company with a strong environmental conscience, Bliss Anand America has been certified for ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems.
  6. OHSAS 18001 – Bliss Anand America’s Health and Safety Management System has been assessed and certified by ABS Quality Evaluations.
  7. FM & CSA Approvals – We have received FM & CSA approvals for a variety of products, most recently for our Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters and Radar Transmitters.
  8. ATEX – We have obtained the ATEX Certification for our Radar Transmitter Line.
  9. INMETRO – With expansion plans for South America, and primarily Brazil, Bliss Anand America has applied for the INMETRO certification on our product lines.
  10. TSSA, ABSA, Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan – As multiple clients have projects in Canada, Bliss Anand America has been successfully assessed by, and received certifications from TSSA, ABSA and the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan.

Does your project have a requirement that we haven’t mentioned? Get in touch at for a full list of our certifications and approvals.





Bliss Anand America – Global Facilities

image23When Bliss Anand first began in 1975, the founder, Mr. Prem Anand, had a vision – to grow the company into a globally recognized leader in field instrumentation. As his sons took over his legacy, they cultivated Bliss into a company with a network of five manufacturing facilities and numerous sales offices around the world, creating quality products in level, pressure and flow instrumentation and mechanical equipment.

The first facility was built in Manesar, and continues to be the Bliss Group Headquarters. It houses a manufacturing shop as well as a corporate office dedicated to customers in Asia and the subcontinent.

image22When Mr. Anand’s sons took over the company, they expanded to a manufacturing facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, the industrial hub of the UAE. Bliss quickly established a firm presence in the Middle East with a 70% market share, by providing customers with high quality level and field instrumentation built with sound engineering.

As the demand for Bliss products continued to increase in the region, our manufacturing capacity needed keep up. In 2008, Bliss opened a another manufacturing facility in Asia.

This 20,000 sq. ft. facility now houses a crane, in-house testing capabilities for a variety of instruments and packages, and state-of-the-art machinery.

In 2012, Bliss opened its headquarters in America, located in La Porte, TX. Our 2-acre plot, housing a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing floor, including a 10-ton crane.

For more information on our US facility, click here. Feel free to drop by for a tour of the shop and to learn about our products! Drop a line to

Bliss is currently in the process of building two more facilities, a new, 65,000 sq. ft. location in Dubai, as well as one in Saudi Arabia. Our plans for expansion also include Brazil in the near future.

Bliss is committed to going the extra mile to provide on-the-ground, local support, no matter which corner of the globe your project is located in.

Bliss Anand Machinery

We’re proud of our employees and will guarantee that all their work is of the highest quality, but we know you can’t just take our word for it. That’s why, at Bliss Anand America, we employ the use of over 10 machines used daily to test each product to your satisfaction. From Helium Leak Testing to PMI Testing, we do most of our procedures in-house, saving you time and money when you’re eager to get your project off the ground.

Below is a list of our machinery. Don’t hesitate to call us at 281.479.2547 with any testing requests!

  • Ventil Machine – We use Ventil Machines for testing and adjusting the set pressure, seat tightness and general performance with Gas or Liquid test systems, at a range of 0 – 15,000 PSI.


  • Helium Leak Testing Machine – Bliss Anand America uses Helium Leak Testing to locate and measure potential leaks in a product or system.


  • PMI Testing – We have in-house Positive Material Identification to determine the quality and chemical composition of the raw materials we use.
  • CMM Testing – A Coordinate Measuring Machine is used to measure physical geometrical characteristics of an object. It ensures the quality of all the dimensions.
  • Crane – The crane is primarily used during production and assembly of skids in our Energy Equipment Division.
  • Filling Station – Our facility includes a filling station that has the capability of filling up to 10,000 seals per year.


  • Orbital Welding Machine – Bliss Anand America’s Orbital Welding Machine allows for more accurate and consistent welding.
  • Compressor & Calibration Lab – Using a compressor to pressurize the calibration lab, we’re able to calibrate transmitters. Maximum pressure: 2320 psi.


  • CNC Turning Center – Our Computer Numerical Control machines reduce the diameter of our pipes to a particular diameter, producing a smooth finish.
  • VMC Machine – Bliss Anand’s VMC Machines are used to cut metal to precise dimensions for all our products.
  • Packing Machine – Bliss Anand America uses Speedypacker Insight® to package our products.


The Bliss Anand Manufacturing Facility in the U.S.A.

Quality takes precedence, and the best way to produce instrumentation that meets every standard is to manufacture it all right here in Texas.


Our North American production facility is located in La Porte, the Oil & Gas hub of the continent. With 20,000 sq. ft. of covered manufacturing space to house our experienced level instrumentation teams, the 2-acre property also encompasses our newly launched Energy Equipment Division.

Our facility follows a strict 3-step inspection protocol – inward, in-process and outward inspections for all products. For each product, the raw materials are received and checked twice against the BOM to ensure that we’ve received the right parts. From there, your gauge will move into machining, where we cut, drill and more. We make sure to transfer the tracing numbers onto each piece of your instrument so that you’re able to track it back to the foundry if required. Each piece is double checked for size and dimension before going forward.

The machined parts then move into welding, where our ASME-Certified welders make sure to create full bore, full penetration welds of the highest quality. The products are assembled, hydrostatically tested as a standard along with any additional testing you require, packaged and shipped to your project destination.

We also have a specialized Diaphragm Seal filling station with 6 filling ports that allow us to fill up as many as 10,000 seals per year.


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