Bliss Anand-Badotherm Joint Venture

Bliss Anand is always striving to give you bigger and better, and in an effort to do this, a little over 16 years ago we partnered with Badotherm Netherlands, a manufacturer of diaphragm seals. Our joint venture allows both companies to expand their horizons beyond traditional offerings.

Wherever Bliss Anand goes, Badotherm comes too, with the latest expansion entering the US market in 2012. Our facility in La Porte, TX has a state-of-the-art filling station on our manufacturing floor where we manufacture, assemble and fill seals for 2-3 week delivery within the region. Other manufacturing facilities are located in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Through the Bliss-Badotherm partnership, we manufacture specialty seals to meet your most extreme requirements. With Zirconium Seals (for Urea/Ammonia Applications) High Temperature Diaphragm Seals (up to 1100°F), PTH Seals, Gold-Coated Seals (for Hydrogen Services) and Low Gauge Pressure Seals (as low as 5mbar), we are able to bring you a range of patented solutions designed to cater to your needs. Standard seal solutions are also available, often for purchase off the shelf.



As with everything we do, it isn’t just about the product up until the point of purchase. Both Bliss and Badotherm are family-owned companies, building partnerships based on transparency. You can trust that when you work with us, we’ll put in the time and effort to engineer your seals to the exact specifications, allowing for optimum performance on your project.

Is your project in need of a global diaphragm seal solution? We have the answer for you! Send our experts an email at


Founder’s Day Celebrations

At Bliss Anand, every employee is part of our family. Each November, our 300+ team from across the world takes part in our Founder’s Day celebration, to honor those who established this great company and to celebrate how far we have come.

As part of the celebration, we hold a small ceremony, a tribute to our founder Mr. Prem Anand, who worked hard to make sure the company got to where we are today. Today, his 3 sons run the company, each heading up a different global division ensuring that the family values and traditions remain a strong part of our identity as the company grows.

An annual cricket tournament also takes place on the day, bringing together teamwork and our competitive spirit, which are mirrored in the work we do.

This is just one event, amongst many, that is reflective of our company and culture. If you choose Bliss Anand as your manufacturer, you too will be a part of the Bliss family, and we will do everything we can to go the extra mile for your success.


Mission 2-3-4

Timing is important. You plan your projects around a specific timeline and we want to make sure that we help you stick to it.

We follow a strict internal motto at Bliss Anand – Mission 2-3-4. It means that you can be sure that when you get in touch with us with a request, we’ll send you your quote in two business days – guaranteed. That’s the “2” in our mission.

The “3” is for the three business days it will take for you to get your drawings, once we receive your purchase order. We have a dedicated Engineering and Design team who will make sure they create a package that meets all your requirements and will send you the drawings for approval.

The final step, “4”, is for a four-week lead-time that we guarantee to shipment of standard products. That means that within four weeks of receiving your final approval, we’ll have your instruments manufactured and packaged, ready to ship.

Here at Bliss Anand, we like to do everything we can to help you get the most out of your project. Mission 2-3-4 is just one way we walk the extra mile for you.